– Does anyone feel curious about what an Ube is? What it tastes like? In this article, I will describe to you what Ube is and why Filipinos love it. Chef’s Kiss! Yumyum! Let’s Start!

– Ube or “puple yam” in english is a slightly nutty, vanilla taste and is popularly used in desserts in Filipino cuisine, often boiled and then mashed with condensed milk. This is quite similar to sweet potato but this is sweeter and has more mellow taste. This is good for the health if consumed in moderation as this high in healthy carbs, vitamins, and fiber. The purple variety was also recently shown to have extra-high levels of antioxidants, which can promote overall health. However, as what they say ” too much is bad for you” The health benefits of ube often don’t outweigh other ingredients commonly added to desserts, including high amounts of sugar and fat so you should control your cravings and eat it in moderation.