Please in Tagalog

–  Hello! Are you wondering on how to say Please in Tagalog? I got you! For today’s topic, i will teach you on how to say it and give you some examples so that you can fully understand on how it goes. Ready? Let’s go!


The Tagalog translation of Please is Pakiusap.

Example Sentences:

  • Pakiusap, pagbigyan mo naman ako – Please, allow me to do this
  • Pakiusap, ilayo mo siya sa akin – Please keep him/her away from me
  • Pakiusap, huwag mo siyang kausapin – Please, do not speak with him/her
  • Huwag mo naman akong iwan, pakiusap – Do not leave me please
  • Paki tulungan mo naman ako – Please help me out